Woven Clothing Labels

Product details

  • A maximum of 3 colours can be woven.
  • Minimum order : 2000 units.
  • Delivery within 20- 25 working days from deposit payment (50% required)

moving-picture-waving-hand-hello-animated-gifPlease use the table below to calculate your label costs.

Quantity Price
2000  R 2 700
3000  R 3 186


Woven logo labels are normally used to highlight your brand on a product. It gives an expensive feel to a garment.

What Information goes on these labels?

It’s up to you to decide but usually it will have your logo and if your wish, washing/care instructions and size indication. The wash/care instructions and size indication may also be attached separately.

These labels are also used for other applications besides clothing such as towels, bedding, headwear etc.

Choose an option below according to where the label will be sewn.